Service process

Sinto is the only company that can provide an integrated service of these three fundamental advantage:(3-in-1) with measures for “Environmental Protection & Safety" and "Experience & Know-how". lt is acomprehensive svstem of optimized use of surface treatment technologies that includes three mainelements:


1. Consultation Services
For users who purchase new Dong devices, if they have any questions or suggestions regarding operations during use, they can contact us through phone, WeChat public account, email, and other methods. We will promptly provide answers and assistance.


2. Warranty Services
The device is entitled to a one-year warranty service starting from the completion of delivery. If the device experiences any abnormalities or other issues, our company will provide remote telephone support within 12 hours. If the problem cannot be resolved, our company will provide on-site services to the customer within 48 hours.


3. Free Equipment Inspection Services
Starting from the delivery of the device to the customer, our company will provide one to two free after-sales equipment inspection services per year based on the customer's production situation. We will also provide equipment inspection reports to help customers better understand the operating condition of the equipment. We recommend customers to promptly replace worn-out parts to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.