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Standard specification:1 treated products and purposes: shot blasting strengthening of stabilizer bar;2 processing workpiece size: rod outer diameter φ 11 ~ φ 36 x: length 380L ~ 1300LY: height 140H ~ 600Hz: 0 ~ 200 temperature: normal temperature, if the workpiece has oil, please degrease;3 reference workpiece: length 1300L, height 250H. The outer diameter after the workpiece is installed in the tooling: φ 1400;4 strengthening strength (reference workpiece): the arc height is above 0.30 mmA ~ 0.50 mmA, and the coverage rate is over 95%;5 processing capacity (reference workpiece): actual capacity 400 pieces/Hr (9 seconds/1 piece) (assumed rod diameter: φ 20) about 30 pieces/hook projection time 2.67 min (about) + conveyance time 1.83 min (about). The number and method of workpiece hanging should be confirmed by test;6 Projection material used: steel wire pellet cutting (after rounding treatment) φ 0. 7mm (hardness: equivalent to HRC60);7. Maximum cleaning size: φ 2400 * 1600H Weight: 500kg/hanger;The coverage rate of 8-arc high value is different with the change of product shape at the measured position.





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