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This machine is a trolley shot blasting cleaning equipment for rolls Shot blasting is used to clean and strengthen the roll to obtain a surface with certain roughness to improve its surface quality.(1) Steel grade: Cast Cr3 or Cast Cr5 hardness Hs93 ~ 100(2) Workpiece specification: φ 425 ~ φ 4801450mm (total length Max 3805mm) Max 2900kg(3) Cleaning efficiency: φ 4251450mm within 15min (within 3min according to loading and unloading time) φ 4801450mm within 20min (within 3min according to the time of loading and unloading parts)(4) Shot blasting quality: Disordered texturing on the surface without lines, twill and chromatic aberrationCoverage rate: 95%.Uniform roughness of roll surface Ra0.5 ~ 5um (Hs97 above cannot be guaranteed).




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