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Used for coating pretreatment of steel structure parts about 1 ~ 10ton A series of models are available according to different workpiece sizes and weights.Main features of the equipment:1Shot blasting is easy to maintain!The guard plate has two end guard plates, two side guard plates, one top guard plate and one surrounding guard plate. There are 6 parts in total, and the number of parts is very small.It is easy to install and disassemble the end guard plate and the side guard plate in a straight line fitting way.③ The whole structure of the side guard plate. If the gasket impeller is removed, it can be removed from the top of the cover body without removing the side plate.④ The top guard plate only needs to be placed in the corresponding position.2. Through the placement position of the throwing head covering the workpiece as a whole, the design of the direct and reflective parts, the selection of the material of each guard plate, the assembly mode of the guard plate, the shot leakage countermeasures, etc., the stable operation is realized on the basis of paying attention to the details.




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