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This machine is designed for removing paint from open barrels The equipment is composed of steel shot projector (shot blaster), cleaning chamber, workpiece rotation device, steel shot recovery device, etc.The open barrels are placed on the fixed arm of the conveying device and transported one by one through the stepping arm of the conveying device.An open cylinder equipped with a self-rotating roller in the projection area is thrown to drop paint while rotating on the self-rotating roller.The steel shot after throwing is sent to the hoist through the screw conveyor and then sent to the separator by the hoist The dust and broken steel shot will be separated and removed here. The usable steel shot will be sent to the shot blasting machine through the introduction pipe.The generated dust is sucked and removed by the dust removal device.Roller for rotation and walking arm for conveying. Bolt fixation of wear plate to prevent wear. Protection of cleaning room with steel guard plate.




Oil barrel recycling

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