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UDC Pulse Back Blowing Dust Collector

Equipment features: ● Customized according to customer usage and installation environment with the best specifications. ● Adopting pulse back blowing and shaking method can ensure continuous operation of the dust removal equipment. ● Easy bag replacement and clean operation. ● Strong dust removal ability. Pulse back blowing and shaking method. ■ High concentration dust collection. ■ Small equipment can operate continuously with minimal pressure changes, Small impact on the production line ■ You can choose from multiple types of cloth bags suitable for gas properties to store compressed air in the top tank. By opening and closing the pulse valve, it passes through the air valve and sprays from the integrated nozzle to the Venturi tube. After passing through the Venturi tube, the air contact area increases, causing the filter cloth to deform. Due to the dual effect of deformation and countercurrent air outside the filter cloth, dust is instantly shaken off. Specification · Outline Drawing 19,27,35PR (with dust discharge valve) 1. Use the following standard cloth bag 19 series...... 165 φ X1920lmm27 series...... 165 φ X2700lmm35 series...... 165 φ X2700lmm2. The standard filtration speed is usually 2-4m/min3. There is a possibility of style changes caused by product improvements without prior notice 27,35PS (with spiral conveyor and dust discharge valve)


UDC Pulse Back Blowing Dust Collector


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