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FBO / FBO-N Series Flaskless Molding Machine

A new type of sand injection pressure control mechanism has been used to achieve uniform compaction density of molding sand. Moreover, the wide allowable range, which is not limited by the performance of molding sand, makes it easy to manage molding sand and achieve high-precision casting. This is a molding machine that combines easy and flexible operation with stable production For the first time, the unit molding machine adopts a lower box sliding type. You can work comfortably in a safer, more natural and effortless posture. The operating system adopts a simple touchpad that can be used by anyone. Easy to understand and convenient operation screens make safer and more reliable operations possible. Due to the use of top shot method, there is no need for strict sand management, and sand with high compaction rate (CB value) can also be used. When replacing the type plate, just align the double-sided membrane plate with the positioning lock on the shuttle type plate frame. FBO type is a molding machine that performs all processes on one workstation, suitable for the production of castings of various scales.


FBO / FBO-N Series Flaskless Molding Machine


Flaskless Molding Machine

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