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FCMX Series Flaskless Molding Machine

The FCMX series of horizontal parting and unboxing molding machines is a unboxing molding machine that uses air flow and sand addition. After Xindong adopted air flow sand adding technology in the ACE series of box molding machines, the FCMX unboxing molding machine also adopted a new technology of air flow sand adding. At this point, Xindong's unboxing molding machine has added a new FCMX series with airflow and sand addition, after the previous FBM series with top and bottom shooting and FBO series with vertical rear shooting of the model, forming three series to meet various user requirements. Compared with sandblasting and gravity sandblasting, the airflow sandblasting method improves filling performance and can provide high-quality modeling for complex and deep concave models that are difficult to create by sandblasting and gravity sandblasting. Moreover, the layout constraints of the model are few, and the applicability to sand is also greatly increased.


FCMX Series Flaskless Molding Machine


Flaskless Molding Machine

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