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Steel shot and sand

Bilida Steel Shot and Sand Specification SAE Usage QB-25QB-20S-780S-660 Sand Cleaning and Rust Removal for Large Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Iron Pipe, Large Forgings, and Heat Treatment Parts QB-17QB-14S-550S-460 Sand Cleaning, Rust Removal, Strengthening, and Forming of Large and Medium Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Forged Parts, Heat Treatment Parts, Steel Plate, and Steel Pipe QB-12QB-10S-390S-330 Medium and Small Cast Iron, Malleable Cast Iron, Small and Medium Casting Products, Heat Treatment Products, Steel Plate, Section Steel, Steel Pipe Sand cleaning, rust removal, strengthening, and forming of structural steel parts, chains, and non-ferrous alloys QB-8S-280 small cast iron, small castings, heat treated products, cast aluminum, steel plates, cast copper alloys, and pre treatment before gold plating to enhance elasticity and toughness QB-6QB-5QB-3S-230S-170S-110 stainless steel plates, thin steel plates, and non-ferrous alloy surface coating to enhance elasticity and toughness, Wire reinforcement treatment QB-25 (SAES-780) QB-20 (SAES-660) QB-17 (SAES-550) QB-14 (SAES-460) QB-12 (SAES-390) QB-10 (SAES-330) QB-8 (SAES-280) QB-6 (SAES-230) QB-5 (SAES-170) QB-3 (SAES-110) • Steel sand specification SAE usage QG-20QG-17QG-14G-12G-14G-16 Cleaning large and medium-sized cast steel, cast iron, forged products, steel, steel plates, rubber adhesive pre-treatment, etc. QG-12QG-10QG-7G-18G-16 25G-40 stone cutting, grinding processing, rubber adhesion pre-treatment, steel plate Pre coating treatment for containers and hull steel plates, spray washing of medium and small sized cast steel, cast iron, forged products, etc. QG-4QG-3QG-2G-50G-80G-120 Rust removal, pre plating treatment of steel wire, wrench, and pipe, spray cleaning of precision castings (such as golf ball heads) QG, H, L, P-17 (SAEG-14) QG, H, L, P-14 (SAEG-16) QG, H, L, P-12 (SAEG-18) QG, H, L, P-10 (SAEG-25) QG, H, L, P-7 (SAEG-40) QG, H, L, P-4 (SAEG-50)


Steel shot and sand


Steel ball · steel sand

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