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Features:The surface quality of small and thin parts is improved without clamping, cracking and defect.Batch processing workpieces will not remain in the equipment and can be completely discharged.Improve the agitation of workpieces, publicize the working procedure and shorten the production cycle when the removal drum is moved in and out.Drum replacement can be carried out from the top of the equipment to shorten the replacement time of the drum.Automatic shutdown of dust collector when equipment is in standby state saves energy.The shot blasting device is installed at the best position of shot blasting efficiency, and the high efficiency shot blasting reduces the replacement frequency of consumables and improves the working efficiency.A safety light curtain is installed in the loading area of the equipment to effectively isolate the operators from the movable parts to ensure the safety of the operators.Using special stirring edge to realize short-time and high-efficiency shot blasting processing





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