Qingdao Xindong invites you to participate in the 18th China International Foundry Expo in 2020

In 2020, it was Xindong's 18th exhibition at the China International Foundry Expo. This time, facing the Chinese new energy market, Xindong will focus on showcasing two types of sand recycling equipment.

1. USR molding sand regeneration equipment

The USR molding sand regeneration equipment is a secondary rubbing regeneration device, which can adjust the roller pressure for mechanical regeneration according to the characteristics of different sand to be regenerated. It can be applied to wet sand, alkali phenolic sand, phenolic urea alkane sand, water glass sand, etc. If used in conjunction with the SINTO OMEGA thermal regeneration device, it can reduce the loss on ignition (LOI) while not damaging the gravel.

2. Thermal sand regeneration device

Thermal sand regeneration device is a sand regeneration device that introduces a mixture of gas or air into a roasting furnace to boil the sand, burn additives and impurities. It has four major technical advantages - "static bed", "insulation layer", "stainless steel gas distribution system", and "standard heat exchanger".

In addition, this exhibition will showcase the Safety Perception Center and KYT production safety training content in Qingdao Xindong, aiming to guide customers to attach importance to production safety and achieve common and harmonious development.

In addition, Xindong can provide customers with a complete set of styling, sand treatment, surface treatment, and dust removal solutions. Welcome to the 3C16 booth of 3H Hall for consultation.

Despite the pandemic, Xindong hopes to maintain distance communication and grow together with its customers, friends, and work partners.